An unfair contractual clause

IronFX has great respect for its customers, which is why it is determined to provide all relevant information regarding the company so that clients can verify such details and make informed decisions. As a leading and trustworthy broker, we want our traders and partners to be able to access information and choose us based on mutual honesty and fairness. Whether ironfx reviews present a reliable and clear image of the company, is up to the client, as they can research and open a demo account to determine whether the company is the right one for them. There are plenty of ironfx reviews that clients can rely on or read and judge for themselves. Not everything that is online is of course the truth, this is why, clients can do their own research as well as get in touch with the broker to find the answers to any queries they might have.


Ironfx reviews and complaints


There were some reviewers who have claimed that the company refused to return their funds regarding their trading accounts and bonuses they received.

According to the CPS (consumer protection service), there was an investigation about an unfair term in a service contract of IronFX Global ltd, where the company refused to pay out the bonus due to suspicion that the customer had abused the terms of the contract, a clause which was present in the contract.


The company sent all relevant information and reported that is a regulated investment firm governed by regulations. Additionally, the broker clearly confirmed that all procedures were followed so that every trader who registered with the company was required to set out whether they are experienced or not and that they were aware of the risks involved when investing. IronFX highlighted on many occasions that it acted based on its clear Terms and Conditions and no where did it ever digress from the law. The relevant complaint was settled, and the Director of the CPS proceeded with the completion of the investigation and adopted IronFX’s viewpoint.





IronFX: an undisputed, regulated and transparent broker


The facts have been clear for a long time, despite allegations and attempts at defamation by various unhappy clients, who might have discovered that trading is not for everyone. IronFX has been a successful broker for more than 10 years now, following various regulatory standards and remaining one of the top brokers to offer competitive trading accounts, spreads, and commissions. The broker has a clear record and no fines and has managed to reply to any ironfx complaints and ironfx reviews that seek to cloud public opinion. The company has a huge client base and many of its clients have remained since the beginning, despite various claims that that broker is dishonest.


The brokerage has continued to follow international standards and attract a growing number of clients from around the world. The company has a great history of being a leader and innovator, pushing for more modernisation and enriching its services to remain on top of its game. IronFX has also been one of the few brokers whose research has been featured in mainstream and well-respected publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times or world media such as CNN and BBC. If clients have any reason to believe that the broker has in any way not delivered what was promised to them, they are invited to contact IronFX and resolve their queries.