IronFX sells my information to other company once I withdraw

IronFX, like any other company online, adheres to laws and regulations for client privacy and data protection set out by worldwide bodies. This means that the company has its own privacy policy and clients are usually asked to read the policy and understand how their private data is used. Whether this relates to concerns about ironfx withdrawal and privacy data being shared once the process is completed, or whether the company shares with affiliates customer information while being a client, all these are set out in the company’s privacy policy. While some clients might have complained that their data was sold to another company once they proceeded with ironfx withdrawal, this is not true as IronFX’s policy states the opposite.


IronFX Private Policy


IronFX’s Private Policy is available online for all users to read before they decide to start trading. The company clearly states that IronFX “will not sell or give away your name, mail address, phone number, email address or any other information to anyone, except as described in this policy.” The company does state that they “may pass your personal information to the Companies” (their affiliates), and “your personal information to technology providers and/or social trading businesses.” They also state that these companies “may contact you with information about services, which may be of interest to you, including by email, SMS, fax or automated calling systems: please tick the relevant box on our web page to confirm that you agree to this.” If you do not agree with these companies contacting you, then you need to not tick the relevant box on their web page.



Withdrawing consent and the right to object


If you have given your consent for a company or organisation to use your personal data, you can contact the specific person and withdraw your permission. If your ironfx withdrawal has gone through and you have concerns, it is wise to get in touch with your account manager and find out what happens with your private details. When an organisation is processing your personal data on the basis of their own legitimate interest, you may have the right to object. In some cases, the company or organisation may be allowed to continue using your personal data, especially if this involves scientific research and statistics, as part of the role of a public authority. If you want to make a complaint because you think your data protection rights have not been respected, you can contact your national data protection authority which will investigate your complaint and respond within 3 months.


Data Privacy Laws


The vast amount of consumer data collected and analysed has led governments to issue strict data and consumer privacy regulations so that individuals have control over the way their data is used. The European Union’s General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR) has defined the rules for how to use, store and share EU citizens data. In the US, data privacy comes in the form of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) which requires consumers to opt out of data collection rather than giving the responsibility to service providers. It also names the state as the entity which needs to develop applicable data law instead of the company’s internal stakeholders. Data privacy regulations are changing the way businesses collect, store, share and analyse consumer data. If you have concerns about ironfx withdrawals or the way your data has been used by IronFX, it is best to contact the company and understand exactly what and how your personal information has been used. If you object to the way is being collected and used, you can withdraw your consent. Most complaints can easily be resolved by communicating with the relevant parties and IronFX has a good track record of resolving such issues while adhering to international standards and regulations.