IronFX – they are perpetrated by fraudsters?

It can be a daunting task for new traders looking to begin trading foreign exchange, also known as forex, on the markets for the first time. As the most liquid market in the world, there are so many options when it comes to making a final choice on which brokerage firm to open a live trading account with. This is because there are many hundreds of brokers actively in operation, meaning it can be an unenviable job deciding on which company to go with. A good way of narrowing down the broker shortlist is by visiting the official websites of each broker, and discovering the products, promotions, fees, and terms and conditions in place. However, when researching a specific broker, such as conducting an Ironfx review, it can be  just as useful to read broker comparisons posted online. It must be noted that this should not be the primary method of market research, but it can serve as a useful barometer of the status of that individual firm, when compared directly with others.


How important is broker research?


Assessing the multiple broker comparison websites is an excellent way of taking part in a thorough Ironfx review, as it can offer useful insight into the way the broker operates, as well as provide a valuable overview of the company as a whole. There are several topics to look out for in the broker comparisons that are submitted online. Firstly, it is useful to find out what is listed with regards to the reliability and trustworthiness of a specific broker. This is important, because in order to trust a broker with their own money, a trader must find out whether that broker is honest with client funds, especially with regards to the execution of funds. Secondly, checking the comparative analysis of a broker’s customer support team is also a handy way to find out if the company is prompt in their replies and professional in their dealings with clients. It is important to establish whether a broker is proficient in the way it communicates with its traders, because if anything was to go wrong, a trader will need reassurance that they can trust the broker to solve it.




Is IronFX a trustworthy broker?


IronFX is a global forex broker offering traders access to more than 300 tradable instruments across a total of six asset classes, with represents good market coverage, in comparison to some of its nearest competitors. A recurring theme of the type of Ironfx review that is posted online is that the broker excels in the area of customer support. This is an often-overlooked topic that rarely features in broker reviews but is an important part of any reputable forex company. Treating clients with respect and dealing with any in-bound enquiries is a vital part of any successful and reliable broker. Another positive point raised within many of the reviews posted online is the superiority of IronFX’s promotions and bonuses, in relation to other similar brokers. Indeed, IronFX regularly conducts live trading competitions with large cash prizes, placing great emphasis on incentivised trading and rewarding those who are successful and dedicated in their trading endeavours. The broker also has a range of excellent bonuses available, from deposit boosters to other bonus offers. Not all brokers invest as much time in their promotional offerings, meaning that IronFX certainly stands out from the rest. In a crowded marketplace, it can be refreshing to see a broker that is not afraid to go the extra mile for its clients, and this is certainly the case with IronFX.