My account manager from IronFX is a cheater and fraud

Many traders enter the world of forex and CFDs trading knowing that their trusted broker will provide all the necessary support they need, including a reliable, friendly, and helpful personal account manager. A small number of traders registering with IronFX have at times complained that their account manager from IronFX was a cheater and a fraud, perpetuating the phrase IronFX scam.


The role of an account manager


IronFX account managers have built a reputation of being extremely professional, helpful and decisive, supporting clients with their trading and offering invaluable insights. The leading broker’s account managers have mainly a very good experience and knowledge of the forex markets and trading, are able to identify profitable trading opportunities and depending on what is agreed between them and their clients, they can also execute trading orders on their behalf.

IronFX account managers are also able to train clients and prepare them to learn how to use the firm’s trading platform, systems and products and are generally available to provide feedback and develop strong relationships with their clients.


The account managers working for IronFX are extremely diplomatic and charismatic, and are chosen for their communication skills as they have to be able to provide solutions and help to traders on a daily basis and under difficult circumstances where they need to show compassion and understanding. While some clients can complain and say IronFX scam and their account manager is a fraud or a cheater, the experience of the account manager is usually much different and much more stressful. Account managers have to confront emotional traders regarding large sums of money. They often face traders who are extremely happy or sad and angry and they work hard to gain their trust and sustain relationships. Account managers deal with emotionally draining situations and drama and their job demands them to remain calm and professional in order to give their clients the best possible support.



IronFX Traders say their Account Manager was of Great Help


Some traders have complained about IronFX scam and that their account manager cheated and while managing their account traded their money on their behalf without permission which resulted in huge losses. They also proceeded to say that they were unable to withdraw their profit and that they ended depositing more funds than they wished to. At the same time, such complaints are followed by comments regarding IronFX account managers being very helpful and helping clients make investments which resulted in great returns. Other traders also stated that they had absolutely no problem with their account manager who was always available by phone and email. The variety of such comments demonstrates how subjective such comments can be depending on whether the trader lost or made profits. They also show that no one is infallible and that in the world of forex and online trading mistakes can happen, this is why it is up to the trader to decide whether to trade their funds or not and that each choice they make is solely their own personal one. It is easy at times when traders get disappointed to blame their account manager, but all traders who have tried online trading know very well that forex trading and all trading in general comes with a certain amount of risk and that it is their responsibility to shoulder the burden of failure, which is also part of every trader’s experience.