Ironfx – this company a complete fraud

The world of forex trading is a highly competitive one, with traders being presented with a wide variety of options in terms of which broker to place their trust in and open a live trading account with. A useful way of deciding which broker to go with is through researching broker reviews. IronFX is a broker that has received many positive reviews, but some reviews have said this company is a complete fraud. However, when looking at the multiple ironfx reviews that can be found online, it is important to first consider the nature of the online environment. Through taking a wider focus and looking at the general picture, it is easier to properly separate the facts from the fiction.


Can ironfx reviews be trusted?


For every forex broker currently in existence on the market today, there is a review site providing a platform for online users to give their thoughts and opinions on those companies. Indeed, the content on such websites is primarily subjective, and can vary wildly, depending on the personal experience of the reviewer. As it stands, there are many thousands of ironfx reviews existing online, from the extremely positive to the obviously negative. For most traders, IronFX is a trusted, reputable forex broker offering excellent products, trading options and promotions. On the other hand, a minority of traders have detailed their reservations about the broker, saying it is a fraud. After assessing both positive and negative reviews, it is clear that many of them demonstrate a lack of understanding of trading, particularly in relation to the calculation of bonuses and a proper grasp of the complexities of trading.



Is IronFX a fraud company?


One of the reviews in particular stood out, when research was being carried out. It stated that IronFX is a fraud company, and that fellow traders should avoid trading with the broker because people should not trust their money with the firm. Having viewed the content of the review, it is clear that the author attempted and failed to substantiate their claims, and instead remarked that some of the positive ironfx reviews were not true. Ultimately this exercise has proven to be a good example of the difficulty behind trusting online reviews, an environment where negativity is widespread and rarely constructed on any basis or real foundation.


Taking a look at the facts


What is clear from the majority of ironfx reviews is that there is a consistent theme throughout, in the form of positive reviews of the company’s customer service offering. Since its formation in 2010, IronFX has built up a solid reputation for its world-class customer support team, which assists 1.2 million clients 24/5 in many languages. Another feature of the IronFX broker that receives positive comments is its educational material, in particular the IronFX trading school. IronFX offers a good range of trading tools and resources for traders of all experience levels, from beginners to advanced-level individuals. Among the plethora of features available, the IronFX school includes blog posts, trading news articles, forex strategy tips, videos, glossary, and an economic calendar. IronFX is also a reputable broker, that is authorised and regulated by some of the industry’s most prominent bodies, including the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).