Ironfx has hard to understand investment terminology and confusing fee structures

Everyone who starts forex trading usually has to search on the internet, read reviews and visit brokers’ websites to make up their mind about which broker is the best suit for them. If you are just starting out, you might feel overwhelmed with the amount of terminology and the different expressions used by forex traders and the foreign exchange industry in general. This is why, when you choose your online forex broker, make sure that they provide in-depth information, educational content and most importantly their website has clear and simple language that you can easily understand. From a clearly presented website to a straightforward trading platform and clear fee structure, IronFX has made sure to provide transparent, intelligible and coherent information that can be accessible to all.  This is a key characteristic when you are making your choice, as a broker who knows their product and services are solid, ensures to also present them in a clear and unambiguous manner.


Education and Terminology


IronFX has worked hard to ensure that all its traders have access to uncomplicated information and understand all aspects of trading, including depositing and withdrawing funds and using IronFX’s platform and services. The broker has developed a comprehensive IronFX trading school with educational content on forex, including an economic calendar, tailored content for beginner and professional traders and the latest financial news. The broker offers a blog with clear and well researched articles as well as an FAQ section for more detailed explanations of the ins and outs of opening an account and trading with IronFX. One of the most common questions online among traders are withdrawals, as most traders want to be able to withdraw their funds and profits as straightforwardly as possible. IronFX withdrawal requests which are usually a shared concern among traders are processed by IronFX very easily, but traders are usually recommended to read and understand everything relating to trading and IronFX’s processes before seeking assistance. For example, IronFX withdrawals can be processed within 24 hours and once an IronFX withdrawal request is approved, you can receive the funds into your account; this might take up to 10 business days.


More Info


Many Deposit Methods


To avoid confusion and make things easier for all traders from different parts of the world, IronFX allows traders to deposit and withdraw money with different payment methods. The procedure is very convenient and fast, and the broker is always trying to expand the list of the various payment methods, so it is even more convenient for all. Traders usually use credit/debit cards or bank wire transfers.



IronFX Withdrawal Fees


IronFX does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fees, but there may be charges depending on the payment method and the currency you want to receive the funds in.


Deposit Fees


There are no deposit fees, but this depends on the deposit method chosen. Traders should always contact their broker and clarify any questions they might have.




Brokers like IronFX, may charge commissions for allowing you to trade through their platform. However, depending on the account you have opened, the trading conditions of that account and the asset you have chosen to trade, commissions could vary. IronFX offers low commissions or no commissions. Opening a standard, premium or VIP live floating/live fixed account means that you do not have to pay any commission. Additionally, if you want to have an STP account, their No Commission and Absolute Zero accounts provide you with the opportunity to trade with zero commission. Please note, that in some cases, a commission fee might be charged if you cancel or change your order.


Overall, IronFX offers a clear fee structure, transparent processes and in-depth educational material that can offer support to traders throughout their trading.