Iron Fx facing withdrawal problems

  1. Are traders facing withdrawal issues with IronFX?

There are many complaints online claiming that IronFX withdrawals are problematic and that people wait for their money. However, it is best for clients to open an account and deposit funds so as to test withdrawal procedure themselves. IronFX offers numerous withdrawal methods so the processing time provided by the company, really depends on the payment methods used. As with most brokers, the request is processed within one working day but to see the actual amount on your bank account depends on the payment provider. Bank cards usually take up to 10 working days for example.  


  1. Are customers cheated by IronFX withdrawals?

There are claims that IronFX has stolen money from its clients. IronFX is trusted by more than 1.2 million traders globally and is a reputable broker, regulated by multiple jurisdictions, including the FCA, ASIC, and CySec. The broker’s main priority is to make sure that clients’ funds are always safe and their capital is never at risk. The IronFX withdrawal and deposit system has a good track record of processing within a couple of days. This is important when withdrawing your money. Despite global crises or complaints against the broker, IronFX has an undeniably strong presence worldwide and continues to overcome obstacles.


  1. Are IronFX withdrawals taking too long?

There are many people claiming that they deposit money, but do not get their withdrawals back. The IronFX withdrawal system is actually very similar to other brokers’ systems. Withdrawal requests are usually processed by the Back Office team within 1 working day. If more documents or information are required, the process may be delayed up to 10 business days for the funds to appear in your account. If you do not receive your funds after the indicated timeframe, you can always get in touch with their Customer Support team.



  1. Does the account need to be verified for the withdrawal to be applied?

Some online reviews claim that IronFX sends emails asking for new statements and that clients need to wait many days. In fact, the majority of forex brokers require a verified account in order for withdrawals to take place. The same goes with IronFX. Therefore, unless the necessary documents are in place, there might be delays. To avoid any misunderstandings, it is best to understand how a broker operates and what is involved when requesting a deposit or withdrawal. As is commonly seen and experienced by other traders with online forex brokers, withdrawals are very strict in terms of filling in personal data etc.


  1. Why are IronFX withdrawal requests declined?

While there are claims about declined withdrawal requests for no reason and hundreds of clients being scammed by IronFX, customers need to make sure that they have all documents in order before they make any requests. Before requesting a withdrawal make sure you that you have filled out the right amount, and that you have all necessary documentation. There is always the possibility of contacting the broker for further information. IronFX is popular for their multilingual customer support team which is available 24/5.


  1. Is IronFX going to be bankrupted?

There is a rumour spread that the company is going to be bankrupted soon, as more and more workers are getting fired. This is not the case, as the company has grown and expanded its services. IronFX has recently launched the new IronFX trading school as well as more and more live trading and affiliate competitions. Based on these, it seems that the company is doing very well and is operating normally.